Map coordinate charcuterie board

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Our charcuterie boards make the perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries.  

They are engraved with the GPS coordinates of a location of your choice. All you need to do is provide the postcode. It could be where you met or a wedding venue or first home.

Each board measures 460mm x 185mm (including handle.) Due to the variable tone of acacia wood there may be lighter and darker areas on some while some will have no light areas.  The design is professionally engraved and each board is hand finished with mineral oil.

To care for your board wash with hot, soapy water and do not submerge or leave the board in water.  We recommend to treat regularly with a food safe, natural oil.

Please be aware that since wood is a natural product it can vary greatly from board to board, so colours and finishes will vary.

The product is completely food safe however due to the engraving we would advise to use the engraved side for display only and the other side for chopping

For additional designs or if you have any questions e-Mail