Little Lift Hanging Sign

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If you're running out of ways to say "I love you" then our little lift range is perfect for you.  

Our signs feature our fun characters and quirky messages engraved in Baltic birch plywood.  They measure 190mm x 110mm.

Our Little Lifts signs are all made from 3 mm thick Baltic birch plywood.  Every sign is engraved with a quirky message.  Our Little Lifts sign range is a fun way to send an uplifting message as well as a reminder the recipient will see every day.

In order to keep your sign looking great we advise keeping them out of contact with water and any other chemicals.  It can be cleaned with a soft microfibre cloth and treated with any natural wax such as beeswax to keep it looking it's best for longer.

As this is a wooden item there may be knots and mixes of grain which add to the charm and character of the item.